The most premium brand in the field of Tapioca sago. Today it is the highest selling AGMARK certified packed sago in India. This product is mainly manufactured to cater to the needs of people who have good taste buds and relish the flavor and sweetness of tapioca root in its most natural form. Making of SACHAMOTI requires the most fresh and selective tapioca roots, which arecrushed in best hygienic conditions without any additives orextraneous matters. The delicacies prepared from SACHAMOTI willspeak for it self

BULK PACKING:25Kgs, 50Kgs pp photo print laminated HDPE Woven Sacks

CONSUMER PACKING :1kg, 500gms and 200gms (Master Packed in 25kgs HDPE woven Sacks of 20Kgs Cartons)

Sachasabu Tapioca Sago is available in four varities as follows:* Regular(Common)Tapioca sago * Kheerdana (Instant ) Tapioca sago* Phooldana(Nylon)Tapioca sago * Mini Phooldana(C.Nylon)Tapioca sago

Suparikshit Supachya Sundarshan

One of the oldest and modest brand in the field of Tapioca sago.It was launched with the prime aim of catering to the needs of people who have price factor in mind, It is also AGMARK certified,completely tested, suited for various dishes of Tapioca sago and one amongst the brightest sago available in the market.

BULK PACKING:25Kgs, 50Kgs pp photo print laminated HDPE Woven Sacks and 90Kgs Jute Gunny Bags

CONSUMER PACKING:1Kg & 500gms(Master Packed in 25Kgs PP Photo print laminated bags or 25Kgs Printed Cardboard Cartons).


This is one of the unique products of our company. Made from,fresh selected and peeled tapioca root's milk. A product most dearto one and all, of any age caste or group. Its uniqueness lies in its crispiness and taste which is unmatched. Sachamoti Sabu papad expands almost to double its size on frying giving the consumerultimate satisfaction by not sticking to teeth's and gums. There are a few products on this earth which come with the purity of nature and good health. Our Sachasabu Sabu papad boosts of no side effects.

PACKING: 480gms (containing 6 packets of 80gms each) (Master packed in Printed Cardboard Cartons in 12kg net quality i.e. 25 packets of 480 gms)


BULK PACKING:50Kgs HDPE Woven Sacks 25Kgs pp photo print laminated bags90Kgs Jute Gunny Bags


Made out of fresh selected coconuts with the pure natural taste with all the health benefits of coconut. The uniqueness of our quality lies in its shelf life which is due to its unmatched low moisture contents and its packaging

PACKING:Available in 25Kgs HDPE Woven Sacks

CONSUMER PACK:1Kg and 500g (Master Packed in 25Kgs HDPE Woven Sacks)


Our Turmeric comes from the best belt of Salem which is well known for its premium quality. The turmeric powder gives the best flavor and color which is incomparable.

VARITIES: WHOLE-GATHA, WHOLE-FINGER, POWDER PACKING : Avialbale in 25Kgs HDPE Woven SacksCONSUMER PACK : 100 gram, 500 gms and 5 Kg (Master packed in 25Kgs HDPE Woven Sacks)


Little Millet is a Whole Food which is rich in micro-nutrients,protein, fiber and iron. It is very good antioxidant. Magnesium in millet can help reduce the effects of migraines and heart attacks and serotonin in millet is calming to your moods. It is glutenfreeand non-allergenic. A great grain for sensitive individuals. Millet will hydrate your colon to keep you from being constipated.It is alkaline and digests easily. Millet's high protein content (above 15 percent) makes is a substantial addition to a vegetarian diet. Indian and China are the world's largest growers of Millet. In India, Tamilnadu state is one of the highest millet growing state of the country. We have installed latest machineries to remove skin from the raw material without compromising it's nutrient value.

CONSUMER PACK: 1Kg and 500g (Master Packed in 25Kgs HDPE Woven Sacks)


BULK-PACKING:Available in 25Kgs HDPE Woven Sacks

SABU POHA (Beaten or flatten Rice)

Procuring Best Quality Poha from our suppliers and after welltesting in our in-house lab, repacking in consumer pack of 500 gattractive printed packs. Sabu Poha is best of its kind in the market and satisfy Indian customers taste to make delicious snacksfrom it immediately

CONSUMER PACK:500g (Master Packed in 25Kgs HDPE Woven Sacks)